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About Cristina Viseu: 

I was always a creative. My first love was for video. I started creating quirky YouTube videos in 2009 — carefully curated short form pieces of me cooking matcha pound cakes and mixing nerdy cocktails.  It paid off when I signed with Geek and Sundry, a multi-million viewership network to expand my YouTube and create more editorial type content. 

It wasn't until 2013 that I found myself diving headfirst into motion graphics and editing professionally. I worked in agency creating videos for Fortune 500 companies as well as small start ups. But as my portfolio grew, I wanted to do a bit more.

I started expanding outside of purely video at Everlane. As a producer, I started crafting unique experiences utilizing both photo and video — innovative and smart marketing campaigns that combined all the things I loved.

My work has been in airports, in malls, on the streets of New York. My videos have been viewed millions of times. I worked hard.  Except after all this, I sort of wondered about the girl who made nerdy cocktails and talked to a camera in her bedroom. 

So now I welcome you to Nyoms — a place where I can share my love for food and travel and occasionally the nerdy craft. And I hope you are thrilled for the ride.